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X32 Console, CD Wall of Fame, Lounge:

Behringer X32 Digital ConsoleWall_O_CDs_SmallLounge

We now have a 4K Monitor! The resolution is amazing!!

4K Monitor










Some previous studio clients:

Sony Records (first rock band "La Liga" signed to Sony Records: Peru), Universal Studios (4th of July fireworks music), Ripley's Believe It Or Not (All sound FX - Haunted House, Gatlinburg), Sea World ("Flight Of The Condor" show at the "Cirque De La Mar" Theater - studio and live), Fox Lorber (DVD sound FX, Restoration), KFC, Paquito D'Rivera (3 time Grammy winner - Jazz Sax), Dave Samuels (Multi-Platinum Jazz Group: Spyro Gyra -Vibes), Alex Acuna (Multi-Platinum Jazz Group: Weather Report-Drums & Percussion), Ignacio Baroa (Jazz legend: Dizzy Gillespie-Drums), John P Kee (Multi- Platinum Gospel Artist: Live Recording) DJ Magic Mike (Multi-Platinum Rap Artist: "King of Bass"), Multi Platinum Rap Group-Wu Tang Clan, Platinum Rap Group -Poison Clan, Angela Bowie (David Bowie's wife), Bob Moore (Elvis, Time Magazine Cover), Cheetah Records (Largest Independent Record Label in the world), SongOSaurus Records (11 Latin Jazz Albums including several of the above artists), Ken Hatley (Jethro Tull - Harmonica), Jose Luis Madueno (Peru -Best Piano Player) Richie Havens (Woodstock), Bassist Oscar Stagnaro, Lester Chambers, Giovanni Hidalgo-(live)as well as many local/regional bands and artists. Denny Diante: 22 Gold, 9 Multi-Platinum, 3 Grammy's and 1 Oscar.

Some of the National & International recording artists we've done all live production for:

Tye Tribbett #1 Billboard Artist & Grammy Nominated

Jeff Kashiwa Rippington's

Steve Cole #2 Billboard Artist

Jessy J #1 Billboard Artist

Martha Munizzi #1 Billboard Artist

Erly Thornton Billboard Top 30 for 5 weeks

Jackiem Joyner #1 Billboard Artist

Craig Chaquico Grammy Nominated

Four80East #3 Billboard Artist

Nick Colionne #3 Billboard Artist

Nils E Street Band

Paul "Shilts" Weimar

Cindy Bradley #1 Billboard Artist

Blake Aaron #6 Billboard Artist

Matt Shenk

Will Donato #20 Billboard Artist

Elan Trotman #11 Billboard Artist

Brian Simpson #9 Billboard Artist

JJ Sansaverino

BK Jackson

Matt Marshak #20 Billboard Artist


We don't specialize in any particular style of music, we specialize in making your music sound good! We have years of experience in many styles as engineers and artists, both "live" and in the studio. We know what it's like being on stage or on the other side of the glass in the studio so we understand what you need when you're the performer.



Make yourself at home!

Let's make some music!

Live Sound Systems are available for rent and include engineers.

We also design and install sound systems, including the construction, wiring, and acoustic treatment.



I've had many clients

who went to another studio first :Funny Pic1

(they didn't know about me yet)

and they were treated like Funny Pic 2 and the equipment that was supposed to get them that

world class sound was a little "outdated" Funny Pic 3 and the headphone mix didn't exactly make them smile or feel creative Funny Pic 4

and the final mix just wasn't quite Funny Pic 5 what they expected

They may think they're alone, Funny Pic 6 but they're not.

Why join them?


Do it right the first time!