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Control Room



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We have a brand new console! It's the Behringer X32, one of the hottest new items on the market! It's got 32 Midas designed mic-pres that sound killer with 32 channel USB I/O to Nuendo, Cubase 8 or ProTools 10 in a 2nd Generation i7 3.4G with 16G of 1333 ram running 64bit Windows 7 Pro. We now have a 4k monitor so everything stays open and handy all the time. (We have ProTools 10 for people who insist, but we prefer the speed, efficiency and sound quality of the Steinberg products.)

If you like, bring your tablet or smartphone to control your own headphone mix!

X32 Console


We don't specialize in any particular style of music, we specialize in making your music sound great! We have years of experience in many styles as engineers and artists, live and in the studio. We know what it's like being on stage, or on the other side of the glass in the studio, so we understand what you want and need when you're the performer. Come take a test drive.

Studio rates:

1 to 10 - $75.00 per hour

10 to 20 - $65.00 per hour

20+ hours - $50.00 per hour

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CD Duplication

Printed CD in Jewel Case:

1 to 50: $2.00 ea

51 to 200: $1.75 ea

201 or more: $1.50 ea



50 ea






Here are a few projects we've had the pleasure to work on.

Click on their CD cover:

Adams Road Adams Road 2 Adam,s Road 3 Adams Road 4 Angela Bowie

TheLibertyProjectWelcome Home CD Eddie Marshall CD Flight of the Condor CD Frogwater CD God's Example CD

GWen Covington CD Joii Foxx CD Jose Luis Madueno CD Kalila Foy CD LA Liga CD Laura Valle CD

Let's Move Together CD 14Hz CD Magic Mike King of Bass CD Mark Zauss CD Meka King CD Nancy Avila CD

OScar Feldman CD OScar Stagnaro CD

Richie Zellon CD Richie Zellon CD2 My Harley & Me CD 

6 Pac CD Back In Bass CD Billy Crayton CD Breakdown CD I want to be Heard CD Magic Mike CD

COld Shot CD Eli Nunez CD Eli Nunez CD2 DJ Quad CD Poison Clan CD DJ Quad CD 2

Rockthology CD Icy Mo Quad CD Florida Boyz CD Trexx CD Truly Blessed CD Jen Thigpen CD

under the influence CD Caliente Band CD Let's go party CD DJ Trax CD Icy Mo Quad CD Singing Angel CD

Led by the Spirit CD Big City CD Connection Band CD Hwy50 Band CD KingsInTheAttic CD WeaverFamily CD

Kai Abelardo CD

Do It Right The First Time.


Gold & Platinum Records