We have great prices for all your high end audio needs! Genelec, Lexicon, Avid, Avid Venue, Black Lion, Telefunken, Ocean Audio, Focusrite, Empirical Labs and MUCH more!.

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Large Diaphgram Condensor Mics

More Large Diaphgram Condensor Mics

SteinwayGrandMore Microphones

6 Ft. 1931 Steinway A Grand Piano, ...............................Wide assortment of microphones.

32 Simultaneous inputs

32 bit recording

Unlimited track recording

These are just a few of the highlights

Be Creative without the hassles!







Mic Pre's - Grace 101 , Avalon, Focusrite, Blue,VinTech, PreSonus

TC Electronics Finalizar 96K,

Behringer x32 with 32 Midas designed mic pre's



Windows 7 running on a 2nd generation Intel i7 3.4CPU w/16G DDR3 1333 on an ASUS P67 with a 39" 4k2k LED monitor, Steinberg's Nuendo 4.3 and Cubase 8 are the heart & soul of the studio system. Visit their website for more detailed info http://www.steinberg.net WaveLab 6 and Creamware's TripleDAT are used for Mastering and compilation.


Neuman, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Cad Mics. Tubes, condensers, ribbons and dynamics.

Kurzweil, Korg, Yamaha, Proteus, D5, 88 Key weighted controller, MANY virtual synths: Moog, Juno, Vocorders, Modular, Samplers, etc....

Waves Diamond Bundle & SSL 4000 Package, Multi-band and/or classic compressors, parametric/graphic EQs plus individual, multiple plug in FX available for every track.

Other Hardware:

  • TC Electronics Finalizer 96K
  • Audix Nile X Monitors w Hafler Power
  • Genelec 1031 Monitors
  • Event 20/20 Monitors
  • JBL Monitors
  • Velodyne 18" 3000 Watt Sub